Sjórinn – The Ocean Web Site – is the web of The Icelandic Fisheries Science Society, IFSS.


Although Iceland Has been on top of Fisheries for decades Fisheries Science as a filed of Study is quite new in Iceland, Introduced by the University of Akureyri in 1990. A few Icelandic Fisheries Scientists were graduated from University of Tromsö Norway. Later University of Iceland Reykjavík started a Fisheries Science Field. IFSS is an Open Society for Fisheries Science Professionals in Iceland. IFSS has organized open national Conferences on Fisheries in Iceland and will do so to promote scientifical deabate on Fisheries. Speekers at IFSS conferences has not been limited to IFSS members. IFSS wish to see to that Marine Resources are treated with respect.


The mission of IFSS is to increase education, researches and scientifical debate on Fisheries in Iceland.and Improve the image of Icelandic Fisheries as well as to promote developement of Fisheries Scientist.

Board members:

Arnljótur Bj. Bergsson — Japan

Örn Eyfjörđ Jónsson — UK

Karl Már Einarsson — Iceland

Bergur L. Guđmundsson — France

Björn Gíslason — Iceland

Elvar Árni Lund — Iceland 

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